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Christmas cards from Lusy Prokhorova

Hi, my good ones!

With you Lusy Prokhorova and my new winter inspiration for Agateria craft.

Already by habit I couldn't stop on one postcard and made three.
I managed them very quickly, I didn 't even have any time to enjoy it.

As usual I combine paper from different manufacturers.
This time from Mintay Sweet Christmas. My-my color palette))

On each postcard the main symbol of Christmas - Santa, at us in Russia it is Grandfather Frost.

The second postcard is quite normal, only rounded the edges.
Got something very new already)
I was very useful here for cute sheets of sharp sheet.

And for the first time I made a star (on line another Christmas tree and a ball).

The star turned out to be the most capricious. I think all the tips were already remembered to completion ((
But it came out, like me, the most festive.

Thanks for attantion!

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