środa, 25 grudnia 2019

Something not winter with Lusy Prokhorova

Hi, my good ones!

With you Lusy Prokhorova and my new inspiration for Agateria craft.

In this endless stream of New Year 's works I wanted to stand out and do something not winter at all.

For quite some time I was going to please myself with a box for sewing supplies.

Of course I already had one. Round. I made it at the very beginning of my creative journey based on someone else 's tutorial. It turned out well, but with clear mistakes and shortcomings, which I then thoroughly thought through and developed my system. Tried not once and got the same "perfect." And here I 'm finally fed up with round caskets and I 'm back to simpler shapes again.

But I didn 't make a regular flip-lid box. Let's look:

On the lid I can 't deny myself a multilayer composition, even though it is very often used in my house.

On the lid motivating inscription and several very symbolic details.

Here you can well consider the multi-storey composition, the highlight of which is an affective frame.

But let us not forget the approaching holiday.
I didn 't forget either!) And that 's why there 's so much glitter here.

And here 's my new little favorite detail.

Which is what the box inside looks like. I made a small separator for rows with strings and one large department for scissors and buttons.

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