piątek, 28 lutego 2020

Card with floral wreath by Origa_Withlove

Hi everyone!
With you, Origa_Withlove and my next inspiration for Agateria craft.
Today I'd like to show you my new floral card. Winter is ending and I'm already looking forward to spring. Therefore, this card is so light and tender.

 I created the card from paper "Oh Hello Spring!" collection. I myself made a background on the card of watercolor paper and paints. And decorated it with my handmade flowers and carved butterfly from the Sheet nr 1 from Magic Dreams collection.
I really like making wreaths with a cutting dies Wianek 1.

I used:

Pasek 1 z kolekcji Magic Dreams


Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day!
Dziękuję za uwagę!

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